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Monster Energy NASCAR Cup Series Hollywood Casino 400 from Kansas Speedway in Kansas City, Kan. (HD) Aric Almirola won at Talladega to join Chase Elliott in the Round of as the final six spots are up for grab at Kansas, where Kevin Harvick won in May.
Gilligan's Island The Friendly Physician (TV-G) A sinister scientist with underlying motives promises to rescue the castaways, but instead whisks them away to his creepy castle and treats them like lab rats.
Gilligan's Island "V" for Vitamins (TV-G) The Professor alerts the other castaways to the effects of an impending vitamin shortage when he notices that the Skipper appears to be growing weaker.
Gilligan's Island Mr. and Mrs. ??? (TV-G) The Howells discover their marriage ceremony was performed by a scam artist posing as a minister, thus deeming their marriage null and void.
Gilligan's Island Meet the Meteor (TV-G) The Professor believes a space rock that landed on the island is radioactive and has his suspicions confirmed when each of the castaways begins to age rapidly.
Gilligan's Island Up at Bat (TV-G) Gilligan gets carried away with thinking he is a vampire after a bat bites him and begins dreaming that he is a blood-sucker living in 19th century Europe
The Jeffersons Alley Oops (TV-G) George has no choice but to ask Tom to fill in for his sick bowling teammate for a competition with another cleaner even though he hasn't played in years.
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